If you are stumbling onto our Activities page, our guess is that you are seeking a unique adventure packed with quality experiences, but where to start? With such a broad offering at Wine & Whey, we’ve narrowed down a few of the most popular reasons people visit the shop so you can plan your DIY Adventure to accommodate everyone in your party.

We’ve been told our events are the most informative and provide an environment everyone can feel welcome and right at home. We get silly, learn a lot and share our passions of making wine and cheese to any level of interested folk. The main difference between our activities offered will be the level of interaction from the Wine & Whey staff, the size of the group and the overall vibe you wish to share with your party.

Small Groups, Team Builders and Large Events are all the rage. Follow the images below to learn more about each option.

The best way to learn more about our activity options is to fill out the Event Inquiry Form.Wine & Whey will return your inquiry as soon as possible and we are always available by phone, (303)325-3831.


Small Groups