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Burrata – A New, Old Favorite

Most cheeses have a rich and long history, some even dating back thousands of years. So, when it comes to burrata, a delicious fresh cheese, one would think that it would have origins that dated back equally as far. But, alas, one would be wrong. Burrata is actually a fairly new cheese, having only been around about a hundred years. First made by a family in the southeast coast of Italy (the heel of the boot, if you will), burrata was invented around 1920. It was kept in the family until around 1950 when commercial cheese makers figured out it was a great way to use the bits of leftover mozzarella that were going to be thrown out. What they’d traditionally do is make a shell of mozzarella and fill it with a mixture of cream and mozzarella bits.

At Wine & Whey, Pamela fills a shell of freshly made mozzarella with a mixture of fresh ricotta and butter. It’s best served warm with a cracker or a piece of bread (however, a spoon is my favorite vessel). Sounds delicious, right? Well, if you want to learn to make burrata, or another kind of cheese or wine, click over to the calendar, choose a scheduled class and reserve your seat today! Don’t see a class that would work for you? Give us a call, maybe we can work out a date for a private class!