On-site personal instruction is nothing short of fabulous. Our wine & cheese making experiences are full of instruction and suitable for all levels. Perfect for solo instruction or for a small group, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is which style of wine and/or cheese to make!

Please Call Us at the shop to schedule your appointment: (303) 325-3831

Wine Making Details

The full service on-site winemaking experience! Head home with 27-30 bottles of wine.

Cost: $275.00 | Includes Bottles, Corks, Foils, Labels, and a Wine Kit up to $100.00

Wine Kits: Wine Kit Varieties range from $80-$225. We recommend you request a particular variety at the time of booking but are welcome to select the wine style on arrival.

Check out some of the kits we offer here

Time Commitment: Wine Making consists of 4 sessions scheduled over a 2-month period. To start the winemaking journey, plan for up to 1 hour of instruction. Remaining sessions will be scheduled at the end of the first visit. Timelines may be adjusted depending on style of wine.

Group Sizes: Appointments booked are best for groups 1-6 people. Additional people may require a hosting fee ($50) or fall under the small group and team builder category.

Cheese Making Details

From milk to cheese and everything in between.

Cost: Did you see the list of cheese classes we offer? Visit our cheese class page here to view your options of cheese varieties to make with personal instruction, solo or with a small group.  Most popular options are the following varieties:

Mozzarella and Ricotta: $125

Feta: $150

Burrata (Mozzarella, Ricotta and butter): $175

Brie or Bleu cheese: $175

Monterey Jack or Farmhouse Cheddar: $185

Group Size: Class rates are quoted for 1-3 people. Groups exceeding 3 people will be charged as an additional per person rate depending on variety of cheese class. Groups exceeding 10 people will be guided to small group and team builder category.

 2 glasses of wine per person provided as well as light snacks. Groups are welcome to bring their own libations and snacks for the class.